I cannot see your face, 
only feel your breath 
upon my soul and my heart 
searches the darkness, 
open to the night rain 
like the lilies of Casablanca. 

You take my breath into your own 
and hold my fragrance in your hand, 
seeking sweeter, fiercer nectar. 
I am lost in you. 

Swimming in your dusk and dreams, 
unlacing where my body ends 
and yours begins, 
my hunger rises. 

You tease me with the whisper 
of night shadows on my skin 
and the rain, no longer soft, 
plays across your chest, 
drumming through your valleys 
like Tlaloc’s jewels untouched 
until my thirst can wait no longer. 

Drinking deep from your wells. 
Lighting fires on your hilltops. 
Your scent transforms me sweetly, 
heavy as lava deep within the sea, 
pouring like honey from secret 
caves hidden far below. 

I feel you tremble like the earth
and tear apart in tender madness.
my touch is yours
my mouth is yours
my breath is yours



Photo by Catherine Heath on Unsplash

UPDATE: This was originally published in another form on HubPages as part of a collaboration. It has been rewritten to contain my writing only. 

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