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Scrambled is a short story: About 2150 words.

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Do you like a tidy kitchen? You might want to think twice before clearing the counter. Even ordinary things can lead one down a very twisted path, as discovered by this middle-aged couple who were scrambling to keep the eggshells out of the Mother’s Day omelette.


Splendid! Alexandra has woven a masterful tapestry of psychological wit. The relationship and setting of her characters was real enough to make me squirm in my seat and yet I did so with a smile and a chuckle. My attention was held throughout, and although I could have continued on with her plot, the ending of ‘Scrambled’ was superb. I highly recommend this entertaining and well written story. -WBarrett


Masterful Story! A good writer can create a world in a few paragraphs. Alexandra Lucas does it in a phrase. She is a master of the telling detail, the precise word. -blumoon


A Fun, Quick Read! This is a great short story that really gets you thinking! You may want to read it again! Highly recommended! -btrbell

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