When the Black Death Calls

Gargoyle“Good afternoon,” the caller said and offered me his card

but sensing something ominous, I left him in the yard.

“I’ve come to introduce myself and offer you a chance

to enter in our lottery and win your way to freedom, see

you only have to nod your head and thus begins the dance.

Here are flowers for your pocket and a song to hold at bay

the terrors of a swollen tongue that oft gets in the way

of breathing.” And he chuckled then, besot with his own wit

and I could feel the chill of death in spite of paths sunlit

within the garden. What did he want? What was the game?

“It’s easy if you want to win,“ he coaxed in lowered tones.

“Remember that the stakes are high if you do choose the way

of cowards and consider goodness has a part to play.

In hedging bets there is no sin, I pray you take a walk

with happenstance this autumn day, else you’ll die alone.”


He sprinkled lavender and laughed while breezes cooled the sun.

“Are we feeling lucky yet? Will you be left the one?”

I knew then that I’d lost the day as soon as it began.

When first his knock came on the door, I’d had a chance

but now no more could I deny my fate. While talking with the devil

I had recognized him far too late and thus began the dance.

© 2010 Alexandra Lucas/SilverGenes. All rights reserved

Gargoyle photo by Emily Roesly/mensatic on morgueFiles


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  1. Oh, you have no idea! Many of my tales are rather twisted and I’m glad you enjoyed this one! 😀

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