Some Things are Forever

Butterfly WingsSome things are forever…
like you, like me.
We slip through the spaces in the tapestry
weaving, diving and surfacing,
sometimes coming together for a moment.
We are joyful and we play even in adversity.
We have been far apart, but now I see you and you see me.
I found you in the spaces…
the spaces between your words,
between your actions,
between your thoughts.
I found you where you sleep because you let me.
You know I will hold you carefully,
cradle you with infinite strength yet never touch your wings.
This is trust.
Every tear you have shed,
every wound you have known,
every smile, every laugh
is a sacred trust.
Always I will be here
somewhere slipping through the spaces in the tapestry,
seeing you
and you will see me.
Through your storms of infatuation,
through your need to be acknowledged,
through your search for expansion,
through your search for perfection,
I will be here.
Now you know.
I am going out for nachos.


© 2000 Alexandra Lucas. All rights reserved
Photo art: Alice Popkorn on Flickr


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