Quiet Conversations

Cat Thoughts

What is it about your face

that turns time into a kaleidoscope?

I can see you through the prisms

your face bright with hope

your eyes burning with passion.

Your teeth flash for a moment

like a firecracker in the dark.

Where did you go?

Shall I wait awhile

or was it me who left?

Yes, I paid the phone bill

and no, there isn’t any more coffee.

And what do you care anyway?

You’re a cat.


© 2000 by Alexandra Lucas / SilverGenes. All rights reserved



Quiet Conversations — 2 Comments

  1. Beautiful picture and poem! Thought-provoking! We can ‘hear’ so much wisdom in the demeanour of cats, yet it is our own thoughts reflecting….

  2. Thank you, Martie! Yes, they are very composed creatures most of the time and perhaps that’s why they fit so nicely into the role of our ‘voice of reason’. There is an interesting cat who lives with me (no one actually ‘owns’ a cat) who has been dismayed with my choice of motel room. She had a valid point. There was shag carpeting. LOL.

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