The sunrise wrapped around my soul today
and held me gently in petals of light.
Emerging, as from a chrysalis spun
in darker days, in you I find the sun.

Shadows from our past, not so long ago,
floated by in wisps of melancholy
over snowy fields and into the sea
and once more I wept for you and for me.

I felt you then, your arms wrapped around me
in our own Liebestod. What do you want?
Your voice was tender. Only you, I said.
It may be difficult for I am dead.
Perhaps we’ll start with chocolate and then
you’ll learn to fly. You mustn’t be afraid
to try, you said. I’m never far away.
You made me laugh, and so began my day.

Your eyes are in the photographs you took.
Your voice is in the music, in the wind,
in the rain and your smile is everywhere
I look. You are my cure for mal de mer.

* * *

Excerpt from Life and Death Crossroads

©2014 Alexandra Lucas. All rights reserved

Photo art: Alice Popkorn on Flickr


Chrysalis — 6 Comments

  1. The dead never really leave us, they are on temporary hold until we return back to them. I can’t imagine the sadness you felt when you lost one so young, the tender ages always feel pain so much more I feel than as we age.The water may have taken him under, but it lifted his soul into the Universe. Yes indeed Leslie, this is absolutely perfect and Alex can draw her faithful readers in with ease. You said so much in this poem, it wrapped me in a warm blanket as well and thankful to have friends like you.

  2. Thank you, Vincent, for your very kind and thoughtful comment. I appreciate it very much.

  3. Thank you very much, Wayne. This one is intensely personal and almost wrote itself.

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